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Which finish is best for your hardwood flooring Denver Colorado

The first step, whether you're keeping brand-new wood floors or repairing decades-old ones, is to choose the appropriate topcoat. Hardwood flooring Denver Colorado informs you of the differences between a handful of popular finishes to choose which one works best for your project.

Choosing the correct topcoat for newly installed wood floors or refinishing worn-out boards, on the other hand, can be daunting. Our Denver flooring and finishes have varying levels of comfort, durability, even glossiness—one of the most significant aesthetic factors after choosing your favorite wood.

Hardwood Flooring Denver Colorado

Urethane with a Moisture Cure

This one is perfect for Situations requiring the roughest floor finish, which is incredibly durable. Our hardwood flooring Denver Colorado usually utilized this from respected names such as Dunham’s or Lenmar.

Moisture-cure urethane, which was originally created for bowling alleys, is tough and durable when it cures to a high sheen. Moisture, scratches, stains, and everyday wear are all resistant. Its complex application makes it less of a possibility for a do-it-yourselfer, though. Furthermore, the exceptionally high levels of VOCs it emits can stay in the air for weeks, necessitating the relocation of all household members for up to two weeks following application.

Water-Based Polyurethane

This is great for floors in need of a clear finish that dries rapidly
and it is easy application and cleanup; low odor and low VOCs; highly smooth and lustrous finish; no fading.

Although water-based polyurethane occasionally seems a little milky in the can, it dries clear and resists fading over time. While most homeowners prefer a high-gloss water-based polyurethane sealer, satin and semi-gloss options are also available. Water-based polyurethane is a very durable finish that resists moisture pretty well. Otherwise, it’s easy to care for hardwood floors with this finish—a broom and a damp mop are normally all you’ll need.

Water-based polyurethane is one of the most popular hardwood floor treatments for a variety of reasons. Water-based polyurethane also scores high in the environmentally friendly area, emitting much fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than many other alternatives. It has a low odor when applied, which is a significant plus if you're going to finish the floors yourself. It dries rapidly, too: our customers typically only need to wait two to four hours between coats, and our hardwood flooring Denver Colorado recommends three to four coats in total. You'll be able to walk on your new floors in a few hours after that, but you should wait at least 48 hours before relocating all of your furniture.

Polyurethane with an oil base

This one is great for high-traffic areas and is reasonably priced; it is incredibly durable, resists moisture, and is simple to maintain.

Linseed oil, synthetic resins, and plasticizers make up oil-based polyurethane. Because of its strength and durability, it's a popular finish for commercial buildings, yet many of our homeowners prefer to use it in high-traffic areas within their homes as well. Fortunately, because of their durability, you won't have to refinish the floors as frequently as you would with some of the other possibilities. Then it’s easy to maintain—just sweep or vacuum periodically, and brush away grime with a damp sponge.

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Our hardwood flooring Denver Colorado has produced the best wood floors in America – each one reflecting the natural beauty of the highest quality raw materials available. We take great satisfaction in our time-honored procedures, from finding the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests to adopting quality of craftsmanship equally at home with traditional rustic themes or with fashion-forward flair.