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Why is wood floor sanding in Denver CO, definitely beneficial?

Wood floor sanding is a highly effective service in the life of a wooden floor. According to popular belief, it should be conducted regularly in any structure with wooden floors. It is excellent to know that, yet, do you wonder what makes sanding/refinishing that vital? Today, our floor sanding in Denver team will clarify this and comment on all of the perks and advantages that come with floor sanding, so sit back and learn about the positive effects it can have on your hardwood flooring.

What is sanding a wood floor?

It's worth noting that wood is a naturally sturdy and long-lasting material. Add to it our wood flooring finish, and it will get even more hard-wearing and well-protected, so a hardwood floor will look and feel fantastic for many years if you allow our floor sanders in CO to keep the maintenance and to clean things up.

Fortunately, most of the flaws, such as scratches, dents, stains, and discoloration, only impact the finish. They rarely penetrate through the finish to affect the quality and appearance of bare wood. Yet, if the finish starts experiencing wear and tear and gets distressed or damaged, this pretty much means that its protective power gets weaker and weaker with every day. You don't want a decreased defensive ability because the finish protects and retains the color, texture, and overall condition of the wood.

This is when our sanding hardwood floors Denver service comes in handy. Wood floor sanding is the process of removing the existing finish from the floor's surface and a thin layer of raw wood if it is damaged or distressed. You won't wind up with damaged wooden boards because solid and engineered wood floors’ lamella (top layer) is usually thick enough to survive up to 4-5 sanding treatments.

Reasons why sanding your floors is a good idea.

If you're still not convinced about how valuable our floor sanding in Denver is and how much it can improve the appearance and condition of your floor, consider the following list of some of the most common sanding benefits:

All flaws are removed by sanding.

Sanding not only improves the appearance of it (often making it look as good as new), but it also reduces the chance of these defects growing more extensive and more significant. Sanding saves you all the energy, money, effort, and nerves that come with severe repairs or even wholly replacing your floor.

Before staining, sanding is required.

If you don't like the color of your wooden floor, or if you think the original color may be more vibrant and fresh, staining is an excellent option. However, if stained without sanding, the stain’s pigments will reveal all the wood’s defects and emphasize them even more instead of concealing them.

Sanding isn't as dirty or as stressful as it once was.

Floor refinishing used to be one of those operations that required a lot of planning and preparation. Still, it can now be completed in a matter of hours with minimal inconvenience and little to no sawdust and mess. Due to the advancement of technology, our floor sanding in Denver team has been taking advantage of this by using state-of-the-art equipment.

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