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The primary advantages of our concrete polishing in Denver CO

Our concrete polishing in Denver has won multiple distinctions and LEED designations for its environmentally friendly approach, benefits, and contributions to the environment. We're glad to show off the many green projects we've performed, and our specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Our systems are a natural, eco-friendly product and process, making them perfect for your green solutions.


Elimination of Dusting From Efflorescence

Tiny dust particles are driven to the surface of conventional unpolished ones by an upward force known as hydrostatic pressure, resulting in efflorescence. Dusting occurs due to efflorescence, which goes epoxies from the surface of cement floors, resulting in costly maintenance. Our concrete floor polishing in Denver, on the other hand, eliminates this dusting, lowering maintenance costs compared to unpolished ones.

A Stain-Resistant Surface

Polished concrete tightens a porous floor by densifying and sealing the surface, making it dense enough to reject water, oil, and other impurities, preventing them from permeating the surface.

Reflectivity and ambient lighting have been improved.

By working with our team at concrete polishing in Denver, polished cement floors improve illumination in facilities because of their reflective characteristics. Improved ambient lighting lowers energy expenditures, enhances safety, and presents your facilities in the best light possible.

Increased Resistance to Slippage

Polished concrete, despite its sparkle, does not create a slick surface. In truth, floor polishing in CO, when compared to conventional concrete, mechanically grinding and leveling the floor, increases the coefficient of friction. Polished concrete frequently surpasses OSHA floor safety standards (ASTM C 1028).

Maintenance Costs Are Lower

Most floor systems require vigorous scrubbing, including tile and linoleum, to keep a hygienic atmosphere and a clean appearance. Polished cement surfaces are compressed tightly to prevent stains from forming. At the same time, they don't need waxing or stripping procedures to keep their luster.

Flooring That Isn't Expensive

Polished cement provides a high return on investment by lowering energy and maintenance expenses by improving ambient lighting, minimizing upkeep (such as waxing), and reducing tire wear for specific applications.

LEED Compliant

Polished cement not only makes use of existing concrete surfaces to reduce the need for extra materials like coverings/coatings and progress toward more sustainable construction, but it also often contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it suitable for any U.S. climate. LEED project certified by the Green Building Council.

Only mechanical polish can improve the condition of old floors.

Grinding the floor mechanically eliminates the old one's top layer, and polishing it strengthens its impact and abrasion resistance.

Mechanical polishing reduces tire wear.

Natural concrete's rough, uneven texture causes tires to rub, resulting in increased wear and tear over time. A polished concrete floor system smooths out the joints and protects the entire surface from abrasion.

Maintenance of Polished Concrete

Our experts specialize in keeping polished cement looking its best for years to come, even though it requires less maintenance than other flooring solutions.

Repairing Concrete Floors

Do you have any concrete floors that need to be repaired? Our concrete polishing in Denver streamlines repairs to make the most of your current flooring, whether you need aid with concrete resurfacing or a joint filler project.

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