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Dealing with Common Carpet Installation Problems with Carpet Installation Denver CO

Many homeowners call carpet installation services every time they decide to get a new carpet. Though it is the best solution for a new installation, they cannot see several aspects of this project. They often forget to ask their contractors about a similar project, years of service, and how they provide their services, at least from the perspective of modern technology.

Carpet installation is essential, and it is crucial to hire a professional installer, like our experts at Carpet Installation Denver, to do the job. You might get so excited and blinded by the result of the project, and it may cause remorse until the next time you get a new carpet again. One of the effective ways to prevent this from happening is learning about different installation problems that may occur along the way.

Here are some common installation problems homeowners have encountered when installing their carpets:


Like staple fiber carpet, some types of carpet have loose fibers that you may find sucked up into your vacuum. However, this problem infrequently occurs in new carpet installations, usually a month or two after the installation. You can prevent shedding by choosing a non-shedding carpet, like Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) carpet, or using a higher quality. A staple carpet made with seven-inch fibers is a good choice.


A year or a little more after the installation, a carpet may begin to buckle due to insufficient or incorrect type of padding installed underneath. This issue can easily ruin your carpet, and it will cost you a lot since most warranties do not cover carpets that do not follow the proper padding specifications.

During the installation, to avoid this problem, use carpet padding less than 8/16 of an inch. If you go larger, you will have some issues. Carpets commonly call for a 7/16-inch pad, but short-pile and Berber carpets are more likely to require a thinner pad to avoid too much give. You also need to consider the pad’s density and pick one that is 8 to 10 pounds if you would like your carpet to last ten years or more.


Bubbling usually happens when the carpet is dry cleaned, and after it dries out, bubbles start to emerge. Homeowners may think that it happens because of the cleaning. However, bubbling occurs when the carpet is not adequately stretched before being installed. You can prevent this problem by extending the carpet while pulling and locking its ends through carpet tacks.

Matting and Crushing

This is the loss of heap thickness and the untwisting of the carpet fibers. These problems occur due to the tremendous foot traffic, incorrect vacuuming, or improper cleaning. Using a Frieze carpet can help solve this problem. Carpet Installation Denver provides professional carpet cleaning services to improve any matting or crush on the carpet.

Popping Up

This problem usually happens to carpet tiles. Due to its easy installation feature, some issues may occur after the installation, and one of them is the coming up of tiles from the subfloor. To avoid this problem, take time to properly prepare the subfloor before the installation and use the best adhesive type that fits your carpet tile type during the installation. Hiring our experts at Carpet Tiles CO is the best way to prevent this problem as they have the knowledge, experience, and proper materials needed in the installation.

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